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Fellow human,

My last letter to you was November of last year. Life. You know.

So Mississippi happened. Bangers & Mash Tees is now based out of the Jackson area of Mississippi. Wha? Ya. Personal circumstances brought us down to the deep south, which includes B&M Tees. We loaded the shirts on the back of a burro and walked to Jackson. That's more of a metaphor for how I felt. I felt like we pretty much walked to Jackson from Salt Lake City, pulling a burro with t-shirts on its back. So from now on, when I mention pulling a burro, I'm talking about moving kids and life and work across the country.

Previous to this move, I had never been to Mississippi. The extent of my knowledge of the Magnolia State was that I knew A Time to Kill was filmed in Canton, Mississippi. In fact, this film (based on the John Grisham novel) sparked my decades-long obsession with the American south, but I digress. The point of this paragraph is sweat. When I first watched A Time to Kill, years ago, I remember thinking that all the actors were really sweaty. I mean, why are they so sweaty in every scene? Ashley Judd is dripping. Sam Jackson is drenched. I was so distracted by the sweat on the actors' faces. Couldn't a make-up artist put some powder on them or grab a washcloth and wipe 'em down? Is that authentic sweat or Hollywood sweat? Do humans really sweat that much in Mississippi? Merciless days, we sure do.

Fast forward to this summer. My family and I left our Rocky Mountains (zero humidity) and pulled the burro toward our new home. Each day of the trip got more humid. First Nebraska. Then to Missouri and yikes, it's gettin' a little steamy. Arkansas's air was heavy. Finally, we crossed the big river and stopped in Belzoni, Mississippi around noon. I opened the car door and an infernal rush of air-water singed my face and lungs. I got out of the car and honestly went crossed-eyed for a bit. Mr. Husband grabbed my arm and asked if I was okay. "Is this normal air?" I asked, gesturing at everything around me. He laughed. It was over 100 degrees at 90 percent humidity. I can't even. No words. My body almost. Shut down.

I've adjusted to the humidity and actually prefer it over desert air. I'm knee-deep in exploring my new state; its oldness, the music that was born here, the ghosts in the empty spaces, the art and writing, I could go and on. And most importantly, people in Mississippi wear t-shirts so B&M Tees will be a-okay.


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